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19 May

Start Creating Your Own Action Plan for Online Reputation Management

JW Maxx Solutions, a leading provider of online reputation and brand management, along with many different types of media solutions, knows that when it comes to any business, there image online is one of the most important aspects of their brand. But many have questions about how to monitor their web presence and how to change it. That’s why the experts are here with two easy steps to help businesses start creating their own online reputation management action plan through SEO (search engine optimization)

  1. Write Just Enough Content: While maintaining your website and for it to have a better chance of appearing in search results, it’s important to remember there are no “ideal lengths” of content. Ask yourself about the page’s uniqueness (based on the others on the site and other pages on the web) the value to users, the accessibility from a site’s homepage (via clicks) and also the content’s ability to provide value with the correct type of media (image/video or text) so users may be inspired to share it. But it’s important to still satisfy the user’s internet experience and the context in which they are querying.
  2. Tag your content: Standard tags like a meta description, title and header are important for core search engine optimization. But there are also some new and necessary tags for Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites that can help SEO from a visibility standpoint. For example, the Twitter cards help give users greater context and insight into URLS shared on the site, which allows Twitter to send more engaged traffic to your site or app.

By trying out these two simple tips, it can help start your online reputation management action plan today. For more information and tips, please visit www.jwmaxxsolutions.com

29 Apr

JW Maxx Solutions Reviews Ways to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Keeping track of what is said about you online is key for nearly anyone with an online presence, whether you’re a jobseeker, business owner or freelance worker. Your online reputation can affect your job hunt, business deals, personal relationships and more.

With that in mind, JW Maxx Solutions reviews several tips on how to monitor your online reputation:

1) Regularly check Google and other search engines

Keeping tabs of what is being posted about you is obviously a key to monitoring your online reputation. Google allows you to monitor phrases, and will notify you when anything is posted under those. But regularly search for your name and any other phrases to be sure that your search results return what you want them to.

2) Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Try to think of words and phrases that someone else might use when searching for you online, whether it’s a blind date, potential business partner or possible employer. By using the same keywords that they may use, you’re able to see the same search results as them and take action against any possible threats in your landscape.

3) Be aware of any threats

Keeping track of any negative or potentially damaging posts is vital to maintaining a strong online reputation. If something climbs in rankings, it can often be because it has received recent traffic – meaning someone searched for you and clicked on that result.

With JW Maxx Solutions reviews of these tips, you can be sure to successfully and effectively monitor your online reputation – ensuring that you are able to use the Internet to its full capabilities.